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Back from the Dead

Hi Everyone,

My name is Leslie and I just wanted to say hello again. I just recently/ still recovering from a traumatizing year called 2018. Which in the least I can say did not go anything the way I had planned because of toxic people that I won't say who, who are still very much in my life at the moment.

Why was 2018 traumatizing well, I had the sudden epiphany and what my life and what my future was going to look like in the next 20 years and did not like the looks of it. Especially with all the negative comments and the fakeness of every single person around me. No pun intended. This message isn't meant to be mean. It's just literally stating the facts on things.

But what have I been up to this 2019? We'll almost absolutely nothing. I've been planning to do stuff but I was like wait to myself. I need a chance to cool off and figure some things out. Does that mean that I'm back and have anything figured out? Not really, but I have much more of a clear direction of where I'm trying to go and trying to be. I just hope that somebody would give me a lucky break somewhere and choose me as their debutante both job wise and success wise.

"But that's what its all about Rebirth right" -Vox Lux 2018

I also wanted to say thank you to all of my supporters, the non-existent ones and the ones hiding in the shadows. You have been a great support for me and I am definitely honored to be apart of your circle(s).

Thank you?!

Leslie Nicole

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