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Morning Crepes!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Leslie Nicole if you don’t know it already and this is my blog. Today I wanted to show a throw back picture of the crepes I had made a while back. Now these were simple and easy to make. i just followed the recipe on this site 

Vegan Crepes And viola! It was such an easy simple recipe to follow. If you are not vegan or don’t have any of the ingredients used to make vegan crepes you can also go by this easy recipe I found online for regular crepes that’s great for snacks or breakfast. Or you can sub out the fruit and Nutella and add meats, cheeses, and vegetables to make a very tasty lunch or dinner crepes. Here is the link Basic Crepes

Hope you try out these recipes even if your not that great of a cook or have less than enough experience in the kitchen, like I have :). 

Stay tuned for more recipes, YouTube videos and for more lifestyle journey updates!


Leslie Nicole

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