Ipsy Glam Makeup Bag & Updates??

May 13, 2018


 Hi Everyone!


Sorry for not posting last month. I didn't really know what to write and plus other things were happening at the same time that I lost concentration, priority wise. But again for my post today it is going to be light just updates of what I've been doing during the past month that I wasn't blogging.


1. I started Youtubing


This is a big thing I've always wanted to start a youtube channel but never really had the focus or the dedication to actually start one, For one, I have never really been that comfortable in front of the camera or more like lost my comfort zone of being in front of the camera from getting older. So yeah it going to be a real journey of maintaining it, Hopefully, it will get lots of views! Wish me luck!


Also here is a link if you want to subscribe to ipsy and get 5 makeup products a month for only $10!!!






2. I have a song on Itunes


Lastly, Another project that I've been working on is a song. I have been working on putting together this song for the longest. It comments on the life of a instagrammer. So please stay tuned there's more to come with that project. Possibly a music video??? Idk, but please stay on for the fun and see what happens. The link below is to the song on youtube that has a link in the bio about the song being on Itunes. 



And that's pretty much it for now! Please subscribe to my youtube channel Les Nicole Blog or follow me on Instagram for the lastest new about my projects!



Leslie Nicole












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