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An Open Letter to Christmas

Dear Christmas,

Even though you came and past this year, I'm still never going to forget you. The emotional and intuitive state that has been part of this year, that is. I know it was a growing process. But with you and all of your presents and your merry music has been great as it always been. It really was great, but sometimes I still think that this Christmas wasn't supposed to be what it should always be. And that is being a time to reflect on the past, the present, and the future. I know you've always been one of the major Holidays and the jolliest part of the season. But this year has been different. I didn't find myself enjoying the Christmas music as I should've been or finding myself waking up early to open the presents that you'd bring. The joy by the fireside, being around people who make me feel better,drinking hot cocoa and eggnog, being snug in my blanket and plaid pajamas, and most of all making baked goods. Maybe, this year Christmas wasn't for me. Maybe, I've grown up too much and am forgot the spirit of Christmas. I'm not the kid I used to be and I'm now grown-up, living with the reality that things aren't the same. I may have lost my inner child but what I hope for next year in 2018. Is to be closer to my inner self, my grown-up self. Because what I've missed most about you Christmas was being able to be carefree, not worrying about much, and feeling good. Because you were always there for me Christmas. I hope that next year would be different and that I'd find my inner child again.

Yours Truly,

A Grown-up

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