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I made Banana Ice Cream

Hey there again!

One of the things that I have been doing this month is looking for really simple and easy to do recipes that could help me transition to becoming a healthy eater. That and it's still pretty hot out here in Los Angeles, so something cold was the best of choices. Also, one of the things I like the most is ice cream even though it is not so healthy. So looking for a healthy alternative that still gives a really good taste, be vegan, gluten free and could fit anyone's budget was worth the find in Banana Ice Cream.That and you only need one ingredient bananas and a food processor. I followed this recipe on a website called thekitchn:

And it was delicious, if you want to add anything else to the ice cream to give it a better and flavorful boost try putting honey, cinnamon, or even chocolate chips to boost your day.

Check out the video I made our channel on youtube and be sure to subscribe!

See you next time!

Leslie Nicole

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