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Hey there!

Just another thing to get started with launching my blog, Les Nicole. If anyone's wondering Les is short for my real name Leslie:). So yep, since we are starting off with old things. Here is a poem that I wrote in either December 2013 or early 2014. I don't quite remember. But, here it goes.

Talk to you soon!

Les Nicole

The Reincarnate

To judge a rose by its thorns

The life that it may have

To dream a life it may begin

Or the thought it never had

That others may judge it harshly

To see the blood slowly drip down

Are all the things that are pretty?

Taking in the pain with the bad

For the thorns are equal as the petals of the rose

If separated the loss of each other signifies death

To here and to the other day a rose could be the same

Or not it continues to wilt

But once the petals are done shedding

Its seeds create another one

If only in its place

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